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Did you know that, as of the 2000 Census, there were 1.5 million children under the age of 18 — or 2% of all the children in the U.S. — who had joined their families through adoption? Or that 100,000 more children are adopted here each and every year?

You may have heard that there are no newborns being placed for adoption in the U.S. or that domestic adoption is a difficult, time-consuming, expensive and risky process, but those are just common misconceptions. The truth is that more than 20,000 American families successfully adopt babies born in the United States every year, that most of them successfully adopt within two years of beginning the adoption process and that domestic adoptions often cost considerably less than international placements.

The important thing to understand is that domestic adoption has changed over the years — adoptive parents now have more options, more control and more information, while birthparents are now actively involved in the process. The new openness this implies is embraced by almost everyone. Adoptive parents are usually grateful to know their child’s family of origin and to possess reliable information about his or her medical and social history. Birth families are more reassured that their child will be well cared for. And adopted children can have answers to the questions that will invariably arise over the years.

In most domestic newborn adoptions, the adoptive parents are selected by the birthparents of the child they adopt. In more than 1/2 the cases, the birthparents and the adoptive parents have met. Still, the fear that domestic adoptions are risky remains widespread. But while there is no good data on how many adoptions end up in court, experts agree that the new openness has been instrumental in significantly reducing the number of post-adoption issues that once arose, and estimate that less than 1% of domestic adoptions today are legally contested after the relinquishment of parental rights.

Adoptive Families magazine is a leading adoption information source for families before, during and after adoption. Here is a link to their discussion of domestic adoption.

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What's New at FFTA?

Forever Families Through Adoption, Inc. Voluntarily Relinquishes Hague Accreditation

After much consideration, our Board of Directors along with the support of the FFTA staff has made the decision to voluntarily relinquish our Hague Accreditation. Due to the closing of several countries' programs to adopt from the United States, plus a global pandemic, it is no longer feasible to continue our Hague Status, which we proudly maintained since 2008. We have felt honored to be able to work with CEAS, IAAME, the Department of State and so many Domestic and International Adoption Service Providers, such as ANW, EFKO, CONANI, TDH and prospective adoptive parents throughout the years. What an amazing experience to help build families here and across the ocean! FFTA is looking forward to expanding our Domestic and Foster to Forever programs.

We wish all of our international friends well as we enter an exciting 2024!!

FFTA receives HRC-ACAF Innovator Seal of Recognition

Forever Families Through Adoption is proud to be one of the 172 child welfare organizations joining the the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation's All Children - All Families (ACAF) program in 2023, as highlighted in a new report. Together, these organizations work to improve the services provided to the LGBTQ+ community, including children in foster care and prospective foster and adoptive parents who are LGBTQ+.

FFTA is so proud to have again received the highest "Innovative Inclusion" tier of recognition. We are honored to work with LGBTQ+ families and are committed to treating all persons with respect, dignity, and compassion. To learn more about the All Children-All Families program, please visit the HRC website.

Read our full press release here.

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